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Top 3 Ways to Control Root Intrusion

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Root intrusions have always been a big trouble for homeowners and plumber alike. This is because root intrusion always finds a way to cause undue stress and damage to the pipeline and even to other plumbing and sewage fixtures that are within reach. A lot of methods and tips are developed over the years for the sole purpose of trying to completely eradicate this problem. Few are successful while others succeed only for a certain extent of time – the temporary solutions apt for keeping the damage at bay while the homeowner looks for a more permanent and effective solution.

There are mainly 3 categories that each solution falls into; Physical Control, Chemical Control and Mechanical Control. In this article, you will learn of the difference between the mentioned techniques.

  • Physical Control
  • Roots have a very distinct way of locating and penetrating even the tiniest roots in your plumbing system. They puncture the surface of the pipe creating holes and cracks that serve as entry point for further infesting the interior and completely crowding the pipe resulting in total pipe blockage when this problem is left unresolved for too long.

    One way of dealing with such problem is by physically dealing with and removing the blocking roots from the pipeline or sewer lines. A homeowner also has the choice to reline, repair or cut down the tree or vegetation entirely to prevent the problem from advancing. Pipe relining a damaged pipe is a very good course of action to resolve this issue. Also, this modern method of pipe repair will not cause too much damage to your residence. In fact, all the contractor needs are two holes on opposite ends of the pipe that is to be relined. It cuts the upfront pipe repair cost to almost half of the traditional methods and it does not require a very long downtime. All of this can be achieved without sacrificing the quality of the new pipe.

  • Chemical Control
  • There are several methods when it comes to aided pipe repair techniques that your local plumbing service provider can offer you when you talk to them. It all depends on what you prefer and your price range, if you have one. Over the past years, there have been developments in plumbing technology that led to plumbers and professionals to developing new tools in order to make plumbing fixing easier.

    Most homeowners opt for hydro-jet power tools to clean out the interior of their pipes. With its nozzle gushing out gallons of water in a minute with the velocity of 7,000 to 60,000 psi, any lingering accumulation inside the pipe is sure to be gone in the blink of an eye. This is the reason why water jets are becoming more and more popular in cleaning out intruded roots.

    Note that no matter how simple yet effective this process is, it is nothing but a temporary fix. Also, since it uses water to dispel roots, the operational cost or the total cost of this process is quite high.

  • Mechanical Control

The use of chemical cleaners is very popular for homeowners that do not have the time to spend on thoroughly cleaning out the plumbing and sewer system. Although this process has had quite a few successes, the use of chemicals for your pipes is ultimately a bad plumbing choice. The chemicals are strong enough to cause deterioration and even start or encourage rust growth. All these factors lead to one thing and that is total pipe failure.

Although not entirely healthy for the pipes, you can still use chemical cleaners given that the instances are far apart and that you are careful in choosing the type of chemicals that goes down the pipes.