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5 Indications that you need a new Sewer Pipe

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A broken sewer line can cause trouble with your plumbing system. The damage may vary and so does the extent of the effects. Your pipes may need to be restored or renewed; depending on the pipes’ condition.  Be wary of these signs that indicate that you need a brand new sewer pipe.

  1. Puddles of septic or sewer wastes are forming in your backyard

Puddles are normal during rainy season but it would be odd if it forms during weeks of dry weather. It could be that a water leak is nearby and water is gathering in a specific spot. You will be able to identify that the water is from a septic or sewer source because of the smell. The only reason why there is wastewater in the backyard is a busted pipeline.

  1. Sewer smell all over your household or building

Another sign of a broken sewer pipe line is the presence of sewer smell in your house. The pipes of a sewer line should be airtight to prevent odours from forming. A crack in the pipeline will only allow the sewer odours to escape and spread throughout your home. It’s imperative to fix or repair the cracked pipeline. Ignoring the needed repairs will leave your home smelling like a sewer system.

  1. Mould growth

A sewer pipe leak is often paired with the sudden growth of moulds. Moulds grow and survive because of moisture or increased humidity. The wastewater leaks from a broken sewer pipe will encourage mould growth. This is because of the increased humidity. Leaks from a water pipeline can also cause moulds to develop. The key indicator that the leak is from the sewer line is the sewer odour. An important thing you should know is that being exposed to moulds can damage your health. Long-time exposure to moulds can cause respiratory sickness. It’s even worse if the mould spores and sewer smell linger in your home.

  1. Drain backups and blockage is becoming too frequent

Drain backups and blockage can happen to any household. Clogs that are blocking the drains force the waste to return to the drains it originated from. The solution is simple: clean the drain pipes and make sure there are no more blockages that are present. There are situations in which a backup or clog still occurs despite rigorous cleaning. This only means that the problem is deep within the sewer line. The sewer pipes might have a crack which caused the soil to enter and block the pipes. Another possibility would be the roots entering and overwhelming the pipeline. There are plenty of reasons why your sewer pipeline but the bottom line is to have it inspected and fixed.    

  1. Pest problems

The increased number or appearance of rats and cockroaches means that a sewer pipe is broken. These pests are moving freely in your house because of a crack from the sewer line. The crack doesn’t to have to be large for the rodents to pass through.