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5 Culprits of Sewer Line Obstructions

plumber willoughby 5 Culprits of Sewer Line ObstructionsObstructionsSewer pipes are responsible for collecting domestic and industrial wastes from households, public infrastructures and industries. They carry these waste materials and convey them to their designated sewage treatment plant where they will be treated and discharged into either an adjacent watercourse or farms as fertilisers or irrigation. They are indeed performing a crucial task in keeping our home safe and suitable for living yet, most homeowners take their maintenance for granted, though they abhor the idea of sewer troubles and obstructions. Who would ever want the idea of sewer back-up?

In order to avoid this dilemma, the primary solution is to be cautious of what goes down your drain. There shouldn’t be any entrance of unwanted objects that may cause the trouble to occur. Here are the things that should not be permitted to enter your sewer lines either from your kitchen sinks, toilets, drains or bathrooms.

Grease and fat

Many homeowners are just comfortable of washing off grease and fat from their plates, frying pans and kettles and draining them down their kitchen sinks. They do not know what it can cause to their sewer system. Sewer pipes are like human veins and arteries. When a person constantly intakes fatty foods and substances, these fats would clog the veins causing high blood pressure. In sewer pipe cases, the grease and fat you constantly drain into your kitchen sinks would accumulate your pipe’s interior walls until completely accommodating the entire pipe diameter leaving none for the water passage. This well then lead to sewer pipe obstruction or sewer back-up.

Foreign objects

Experts say that sewer system should only carry human waste and wastewater, solid wastes and hygiene products are not part of the list. The unpermitted entrance of many solid materials that are commonly confused flushable such as tampons, condoms, facial wipes, wet wipes, napkins and baby diapers will get stuck in your mechanism until completely choking it. These materials should be kept away from your sewer lines and into your garbage bins instead.

Root invasion

Because sewer pipes are buried underneath the earth’s surface, the presence of tree roots are inevitable and they are our pipe invaders. When root infiltration initiates, it will not only cause blockage and obstruction, it can destroy your sewer pipes as well. They would stay within your sewer lines while continuing to grow until they form root balls that would block sewage flow resulting to either partial or complete sewer pipe clogs.

Chemical drain cleaners

Many homeowners think that when they constantly utilise chemical-based drain cleaners to remove the ongoing build-ups in their sewer pipes, they are removing all the possibilities of future clogs. The reality is, chemical-based drain cleaners are harmful to your sewer pipes though they may seem effective on first applications. They corrode your pipe walls until causing them to deteriorate, weaken and sag. When they do, the collapsed portion of your sewer lines would block the flow of water. In this case, you wouldn’t only need to restore the flow of water, you would need to repair your sewer lines as well.

Dirt and mud from gardens

Dirt and mud from gardens would find their way into your sewer lines through illegal pipe connections. Some homeowners connect pipes from their gardens to their sewer lines. When the dirt and mud from gardens create a build-up in your pipe, they will cause clogs not only to your home but to the neighbouring households as well.