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The 4 Major Pipe Relining Equipment and Supplies

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Pipe relining is just one of the so many different methods that is part of trenchless pipe repair technologies. Also, pipe relining is a very popular method used in restoring aged or destroyed pipelines. This sewer line overhaul attributes its effectiveness in both the brilliant engineering and of course; the latest technologies used. We’re going to take a look at the major pipe relining equipment and supplies in this article.

  1. The resin liner

The pipe relining method emphasizes the installation of the resin liner to the sewer line system. You see, instead of extracting a damaged pipe and cause a lot of landscape damage; pipe relining inserts and bonds a resin liner to the original pipeline. The resin liner takes over as the pathway of the sewer waste flow and becomes the main pipeline of the sewer system.

Resin liners don’t pertain to just one type. There are actually plenty of choices for resin liners but the most commonly used for pipe relining are epoxy resin liner and fibreglass. The reason why these two are popularly applied is because of their safety, durability, and longevity. Other types of resin liners have a possibility of endangering the public’s health if not installed properly since some materials contain carcinogens and strong chemical compounds. Epoxy resin liner and fibreglass can be cured or bonded well with the pipeline through hot steam, hot water, or even ultraviolet rays.

  1. The pipe camera

Initially, the contractors actually need to check the pipeline before coming up with what pipe repair method to use. Once they carefully examined the captured photos and/or video; they will then conclude which trenchless solutions they’re going to apply. Pipe relining is always a favoured option but in some cases it’s not applicable. There are times when the old pipeline is too broken that it’s not possible for the resin liner to latch onto the pipes. Anyway, whether pipe relining is used or not, pipe camera is essential and staple equipment for any modern pipe repair solution.

  1. Clearing equipment

If the pipe camera spots irregularities in the pipeline like massive obstructions; then the contractors must remove the found blockage. It’s required for the repair team to remove any form of clogs in the sewer pipeline since they won’t be able to insert the liner deeply into the sewer line if something is blocking the liner’s way. Water jets are a favourite for clearing sewer pipes since it’s fast, effective, and efficient. The intense water bursts from these water jets can reach up to 25,000 psi but each unit will have varying water pressure — depending on its size and brand.  

  1. Bladder

The bladder basically holds the resin liner in place. It also serves as a guide for the resin liner when being inserted into the pipeline. The bladder makes it easier for the resin liner to be placed in the sewer pipes since it easily adjusts to the shape of the pipes. Contractors immediately inflate the bladder once it’s in place so that the resin liner will stick to the pipeline.