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4 FAQs about Pipe Relining

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Due to the increasing popularity of pipe relining method, there are numerous questions asked by homeowners who are new to the method. This event is normal, people should always be knowledgeable about the new services before they spend their hard-earned money on it. In relation to the service, here are the questions frequently asked:

What is the difference of pipe relining and traditional method?

Traditional methods are complicated to execute since there has to be an excavation procedure to be done. Aside from that excavation, what makes the method expensive is due to the heavy machinery and extra workers needed. In pipe relining method, all of the aforementioned are no longer necessary. However, this doesn’t indicate that workers will no longer dig up in your lawn. This method required to dig 2 holes for the entrance and exit point. Thus, the landscape damage won’t be the same to the traditional method. Moreover, because other resources are curtailed in the new method, you won’t have to spend for extra workers, fuel and new pipes for the replacement of your old pipe.

How long does it take?

When it comes to pipe repair methods, what we want is for the operation to be fast since we don’t our laundry and dishes to be delayed, right? Thus, pipe relining is best for homeowners. Unlike traditional method that lasts for a week, the new method takes at least 4 hours to finish. With this, we don’t have to about all the chores that were delayed. Obviously, what makes the operation fast is due to the excavation that is taken out of the process.

What are the benefits?

When opting for pipe relining, there can be a lot of benefits a customer will benefit. Here are some:

* Minimal landscape damage

When our pipe system begins to malfunction, we immediately worry not just about the damaged of the pipe but also the damaged our landscape obtained as we think traditional method. However, in pipe relining only two holes are needed so you don’t have to be concerned about the condition your landscape after the relining procedure. Thus, you will no longer need to spend extra money for the restoration of the landscape.

* Quick operation

As mentioned earlier, digging process is out of pipe relining process. This makes pipe relining faster and less destructive. Thus, this means that the process will be done in less than a day. Remember that what makes traditional methods last for a week is due to the great effort to dig up the pipe.

* Increases pipe’s durability

Because of the chemical elements, the liner contains, this makes the relined pipes a lot stronger. Moreover, due to the epoxy resin used in the process, it increases the flow capacity of the pipes to get through factors that will damage the pipe system such as root intrusion, varied temperature, pressure and corrosion.

How much does pipe relining cost?

The procedure cost way lesser in contrast to the traditional method. This is because of the resources that are no longer need in the process such as extra men, heavy machinery and fuel.