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3 Stages of Tree Root Intrusion

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Intrusive roots are almost always the causes for pipeline failure. No matter how small it may seem, a root that gains access to the moisture inside is and always will be a hostile treat to your plumbing system and sewage line. If the roots that are inside the pipe are not removed properly or right away, they will be the cause of further damage and, maybe, complete plumbing system failure. Tree intrusion damages always demand for pipe repair or replacement. In earlier times, the traditional method is used to deal with these issues. However, these days, plumbers and contractor have found out that relining or reinforcing the pipes will give a much better result without the haphazard digging and mayhem that the traditional method imposes.

In this article, we will be tracing the stages of root intrusion, how it began and the process it undergoes to become the hassle it imposes when it renders a pipeline unusable yet beyond repair.

Stage #1: Early Intrusion

When roots find their way towards the pipelines, it will most likely wrap itself around the pipe in order to find the weakest spot that it can puncture or, if it is in luck. It can find even the smallest hole and enter the pipe through the hole. The signs of the early stage of intrusion are usually through pipe blockage, gurgling sound and occasional pipe dysfunction or backup. However, the reason why the damage gets time to develop is because most homeowners treat it as a minor pipe blockage problem and deploys solutions to resolve the blockage. Now, the methods may affect the roots but it will never be strong enough to cut them or thoroughly kill them.

Stage #2: Advanced Intrusion

As mentioned above this is now the time when the root grows massively in such short time. By then, the roots will continue to grow and since it has unhindered access to the moisture inside, it will only be a matter of time before it grows into massive sized or branch out into thousands of tiny roots and entwine around each other to create a complicated web of roots that is responsible in cutting off the flow of water by completely blocking the pipe interior. By this time, the problem would have involved to a whole new level with advanced strength and the roots are now bigger and strong that you will need heavy-duty cutting tools to get rid of the, permanently.

There are countless methods that can resolve a problem this severe, you can opt for mechanical devices such as hydro-jet cleaners or you can use rodding tools to get the job done. Chemical solutions and treatments can also be used at this point. However, you have to be careful with those cleaners since they can lead to pipe failure as severe as the problem of the root intrusion.

Stage #3: Sewage Failure

The final and deathly stage is total pipeline failure. This usually happens when the earlier stages are not paid attention to and the damaged develops until it eats away your supply main or your sewage lines. When the problem reaches this stage, pipe repair will no longer be applicable to you. Your only choice is to complexly over haul the system and replace the damaged pipes with new one. The problem with this is that it can be expensive depending on the extent of damage and the situation of your environment.