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3 Reasons Pipe Relining is Best for Hotels & Resorts

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Whilst there is a handful of choices on pipe renewal or repair projects available for facility managers of hotels, casinos, resorts and other entertainment hubs, the visibly better choice sometimes seems to be the quickest of all the possible processes that can be done. As businessmen, we do not want our establishments to be dysfunctional whilst the pipework is being renewed or repaired. The business must go on. The money must continue to flow.

Pipe relining, the process deemed most cost-efficient and durable, however, may not be the fastest to solve the problems in your drainage system. There is the water jetter cleaning, which costs only one-third of the expenses you may be spending on relining. It also fixes a clogged toilet or a blocked drain with just some jets of rapid solution streaming down the pipework to clear any blockage. Water jetter cleaning and others are less recommended than relining due to a myriad of reasons, three of which have been enumerated below.

  1. It is cost efficient

Whilst you pay more in a single relining project as compared to the water jetter cleaning, the latter can only solve the problem for a shorter whilst. In the long run, you pay more cash to continuous sessions of water jetter cleaning. The pipe, when relined, on the other hand, becomes more protected from further damage in the next 50 years. Less disruption to money-making in your business, it means.

The tradition excavation method for pipe replacement, on the other hand, is far from relining when it comes to the cost of money and time. It is never recommended, especially since it is known to be a process that may involve breaking of the walls and the pavement just to replace the pipe. Surely not what you want to do with your building, unless the reason is for relocation.

If you do not tolerate financial losses to your entertainment and accommodation service establishment, better choose pipe relining.

  1. It protects the pipe better

Once the pipe is relined, you need not worry about the underground roots of the trees planted around or inside your building. Tree roots are considered part of the major reasons why pipes get damaged, especially when they invade the commonly used PVC pipelines in Sydney-based establishments, breaking their surface.

The most important part of the relining process is the installation of a brand new pipe liner inserted inside the broken or faulty pipe. This pipe is not like your old pipe, as it is made with materials that are proven to be fool-proof, such as epoxy, silicate, resin, vinyl ester and polyester.

  1. It leaves less damage

Whilst the excavation calls the plumber to dig the ground for the faulty pipe to be replaced, ruining your landscape, relining does not need to undergo that process.

How does it solve the problem without plucking out your pipe from its place? The plumbing professional only needs a hole or two holes, in which he inserts the epoxy-built liner. It only needs a relatively shorter time as compared to pipe replacement, which usually lasts for about a week.

If the drain is blocked, it may only take a liner to solve that. Call your neighbourhood plumber for a better pipe fix now.