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Quality plumbing systems

Plumbing origins can be traced to the Roman times. There is a consensus that the name is a derivative of Latin Plumbum, for lead. Early civilizations used lead piping to convey water from aqueducts for public baths that were characteristic of early Roman cities. In England, logs were used to provide a channel for water. These systems heavily relied on gravity for water flow.


There has been, changes to this system over the years. Some of these changes can be attributed to post 1945 when studies indicated the hazards of lead poisoning. The galvanized iron system of piping that was widely used in the United States has fast been replaced with copper as the key material for quality plumbing systems. These systems incorporate both gravity and high pressure to deliver water to households.


Plumbing, serves the purpose of supplying a household with adequate volumes of water, while equally doubling up as an exit route for used water. It is not uncommon for households require the services of a plumber in a year owing to complications that arise from blockages. Intricate, elaborate channels, distinguish todays plumbing system. They are much more complex than the traditional straight pipes of the old civilization. Fittings and tubing make up a plumbing system. Unlike early piping that had backflow problems, the modern piping has valves as a safeguard for this problem. However, most piping has the constant threat of leakages. This normally occurs in joints. To avert this, pipe dope is used as a sealant to prevent leakages.


Every piping, has the objective of water delivery for a specific household purpose. This range from kitchen sinks to showers or even the toilets. These end use destinations are referred to as plumbing fixtures. The choice of plumbing material and design will be dictated by the fixtures and targeted volume of water to be delivered.


Quality plumbing systems have backflow arrestors in valves and tanks. However, it remains a customer based customisation that defines plumbing. The need for hot water, piping that is freeze resistant or clean water, means that, there is a slight variation from one household to another.