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How Tankless Water Heaters Work

Tankless water heaters allow one to have hot water to use right away. This doesn’t mean that water flowing from the tap is immediately hot; it still takes a considerable amount of time for the water to get hot. The difference with tankless systems and those hot water systems with tanks is that the former doesn’t store any water and heat it repeatedly. It just heats the water once you switch the tap on, while it passes the pipes.

If the heater is propane or gas-powered, it will start a small fire, which will make the water hot as it passes. Any heated water goes down the pipes and eventually, the tap. There are, however a few things you need to have knowledge of if you want to have a gas-powered tankless heater installed.

First, unlike the tank type (where its vent generally passes the attic), a tankless water heater needs to be vented through an exterior wall. In addition, the vent of a tankless heater costs almost as much as the entire system itself. Lastly, this system should only be installed by an electrician or skilled plumber with the right qualifications due to its many parts and the fact that water and gas pipes have to be rerouted in order to accommodate both the electrical connections and, of course, the new system itself.

The electric tankless system is very different from those powered by propane or gas. You can find a heating element in the pipe which heats the water while it passes. This element switches on once you turn the tap on and will continue heating the water until you have switched the tap off. Electrical systems need not be vented, and this means that it can be placed in almost any area that you want to place it in.

All you have to do is to find a plumber to move the lines, and an electrician to have the heater connected to the right breakers. Electrical heaters require a couple of 220-volt 60 amp circuits.

If you have thought of switching to a tankless system, then you have to know that it is definitely worth it. This is because tankless systems offer you more water in little time. Not only that, it also helps you save money since you will no longer be using so much energy to keep water hot. It also takes less space and is safer to operate due to the absence of a tank.