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5 Common Benefits of Using Solar Water Heater

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With the efficiency of solar water heater, there’s no doubt why it’s most preferred of all the types of water heater system. Aside from its efficiency, there are other reasons why people invest in it. most of these reasons are related to environmental and household benefits. Unlike other systems, solar water heater provides the most benefits to its users. Want to know what are those? Listed below are the advantages of solar water heater. Read the following carefully for you might want to invest one.

Renewable energy resource

Apparently, this type of water heater needs neither fuel nor electricity to power the unit and heating the water. Fortunately, the energy source needed is free and unlimited. Since the planet, we are living in is rich in solar energy, it’s best to take advantage of it. The unit uses the solar collectors to convert the sun’s energy to heat the water.

Reduces electricity consumption and bill

Due to the unlimited source of energy, homeowners no longer need to use electricity to heat their water. This leads to a decrease in electricity consumption and bill. Apparently, this advantage is very essential for a household who are always on a tight-budget. It has been proven that usage of solar water heater reduces electricity consumption up to 80%.

Environmental benefit

Aside from household, our environment can also benefit when we opt for solar-powered appliances. We all know that the prime environmental problem today is the constant burning of fossil to get fuel. This activity only results in some long-term environmental issues such as climate change, acid rain, and health problems. The effect of the aforementioned can be reduced if only people start to invest in solar-powered units. In addition, it’s a relief to know that whilst using this unit in heating our water, we are trying to help the environment against the conditions that could eventually affect us all.

Incentives from the government

If you invest in solar water heater, you will be given incentives by the federal government. It’s not just water heater but all solar-powered appliances. This is given to household because of the homeowners’ effort to reduce carbon footprint. However, this incentive will only be given and can be claimed who are qualified to the terms set by the government. For you to claim the incentives, you can have the papers processed to the officer who installed your unit.


Whether it’s the plumbing system or your appliances, plumbers suggest to always conduct a maintenance. This is to ensure that all amenities will be operating without any delays or complications. Solar type heaters only requires minimal maintenance. In addition, the users are given a 10-year warranty from the unit’s manufacturing company. Lastly, the company will provide the users with a manual where all the things about the unit are there. The steps to operate and maintain the unit are also found in the directory. Before you use the appliance, try to read the manual first.