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4 Common Types of Anode Rod

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Aside from the water tank that stores all the hot water inside, another important component is the anode rod. This protects the water heater from corrosion that contributes to a major damage of the unit. The part is also known as the sacrificial anode rod. When you are looking for a new rod for your water heater, you must know that it has several types in the market. Here are the following:

Zinc anode rod

One of the basic informations about this rod is that it isn’t completely made of zinc as it’s integrated with aluminium. The amount of aluminium is more than the zinc in the rod. The presence of zinc in the rod helps to either reduce or completely remove the presence of sulphur that is found in the unit. Sulphur emerge because of the reaction between the anaerobic bacteria and the aluminium that creates an egg-like smell that could be disturbing especially when it spreads in the entire household. On the other hand, the problem can be avoided due to zinc. New models of water heater are usually of zinc anode rod. In addition, this is used as an alternative for aluminium rod.

Impressed current rod

Anode rods are installed in our water heater to be sacrificial components that will prevent corrosion from damaging other internal parts. With this, experts suggest to check the rod regularly and replace it when needed. However, for an impressed current rod, it doesn’t need replacement. What it needs is maintenance that involves in removing the dirt that it obtained over time.

Magnesium anode rod

The most common rod used and installed is neither aluminium nor zinc but magnesium. This is used especially for newly manufactured water heater systems. Due to its sturdy characteristics, magnesium anode rod becomes highly resistant to corrosive factors. The setback of this type is that, it doesn’t work well with hard due to its mineral content. The minerals will speed up the spreading of corrosion on the magnesium rod. Apparently, we don’t want to spend for the same part over again.  Having a rod which is affected by corrosion will also affect the operation of the entire unit. The worse part about this situation is can also decrease the lifespan of the water heater system. It’s best to invest on water softener if you’re living in an area which is supplied with hard water.

Aluminium anode rod

Aluminium anode rods are known to be the traditional rods used for old models. However, due to the problems this type cause, manufacturing companies opt for another type. On the other hand, some units are still installed with aluminium rod especially on those areas which hard water is abundant. Hard water has mineral content that clings into plumbing appliances making its operation less efficient. Despite the many kinds of rods in the market, many still opt to use this because of its lifespan that lasts longer compared to other types of anode rod that are available in the market.