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Hot Water in Willoughby

Alfie put the new taps on the bench in the bathroom, next to his tools. Everything was ready for him to go. It wasn’t his first time changing taps, he’d done this at his old property, for his friends and family. Alfie kind of liked being considered a handy man to have around. The mini taps under the basin were old and wouldn’t shut off the water to the bathroom basin taps, so he headed to the hot water heater to isolate the hot water from there. He twisted the tap, but nothing happened. It, too, was jammed. Alfie considered his options, he could try it himself, but perhaps he wasn’t game enough to take on the hot water tank. There was too much riding on the risk. Annoyed that this ten-minute task was taking a lot more effort and time than planned, Alfie looked up and rang a local Plumber to help. The Neighbourhood Plumber arrived that afternoon, ready to help. Alfie gave him a mini tour and explained what had happened. The Plumber listened, tested and then suggested options. Alfie opted for replacing the isolating valve and for the Willoughby Plumber to install new mini taps while he was there. Before the Neighbourbood Plumber proceeded with work, he had Alfie walk him through the house, testing other fixtures to make sure everything was in good working order. Alfie couldn’t help but be impressed. He had intended to go through and check everything himself while the Plumber was working, talk about above and beyond! They found three more taps that needed some attention, two taps in the laundry and the garden tap. With all the issues found and estimates approved, the Plumber shut off water at the mains and headed back inside where he got to work, switching over the isolating valve to a new one. He checked the hot water tank as well while he worked, worried that the state of the tap indicated the condition of the hot water system. Fortunately the tank was fine, and he made a point of showing Alfie, to give him peace of mind. The sacrificial anode inside the tank was almost eaten away, though, so Alfie had the Plumber install a new one. The Willoughby Plumber then turned his attention to the three taps, servicing the two in the laundry to remove the drips, and replacing the old garden tap with a new ¼ turn one. Before he left, the Plumber even replaced the two bathroom taps for him! If you require a local Willoughby Plumber for your plumbing needs, contact your Neighbourhood Plumber now on 0402 290 290! Whether it’s a dripping tap or toilet, the smell of gas or a blocked sewer, your local Plumber can help!

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