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Need immediate assistance on sewer clogs? Put your mind at ease and contact a professional plumber. At Plumber Willoughby, we ensure to deliver quick and reliable plumbing services. Our emergency plumbers are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to deal with various types of plumbing emergencies including:

    ✔ Leaks or burst pipes

    ✔ Hot water emergencies

    ✔ Blocked drains

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Emergency Plumbing in Willoughby

Clara fancied herself as good at DIY projects. She had two renovated houses to back up her claim. The third house, though, was trying her skills. The bathroom, in particular, was being wholly uncooperative. It was late and the toilet still had to go in. It was the only toilet in the house at the moment and it would be definitely needed in the morning. She slid it into place, only to find that it wouldn’t fit. That wasn’t possible. She manoeuvred it left and right, trying to wriggle the porcelain into the gap, but it would not work. Clara gave it a shove and felt something give. Bending down, she found a brand new crack running through the base of the toilet. Perhaps she would survive without a toilet in the morning, because now she had no choice! Clara quickly googled a local Plumber and dialled. Although it was late, the Neighbourhood Plumber answered quickly and agreed to get there the next morning. Bright and early the following Sunday morning, the Plumber was on Claras doorstep. After inspecting the toilet pan he agreed that it would need to be swapped for a new one. The fitting problem was that Clara had forgotten to factor in some of her measurement adjustments, a simple oversight in some of her renovation alterations. She was almost kicking herself as she gave the Plumber the style of toilet she wanted. He left and picked it up a new cistern and pan for her, after sending her a couple of pictures of her options. The Neighbourhood Plumber returned with her selection and began installing the toilet. He worked quickly and efficiently, and it was in before lunch time. The Willoughby Plumber did advise to let the toilet rest first, as the silicone that held it to the floor was still setting. If they used it, the toilet could still be pushed out of alignment. Clara promised she’d wait. They weren’t too far from the shops, and needing to go out to use a toilet was a great excuse to go out for lunch and dinner! Whether it’s a blocked drain, or a tap that won’t turn off, a strong smell of gas or your hot water tank has decided to erupt over the kitchen, call your local Willoughby Neighbourhood Plumber on 0402 290 290 to assist!

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