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Leaking toilets

One of the most common causes of high water bills is a leaking toilet. In some cases leaking toilets can go unnoticed and can often prove difficult to detect and manage. However, a leaking toilet can be controlled and managed easily since the drips are often conspicuous and visible.


Some of the tell-tale signs are easily noticed and visible. At times you have to wiggle the toilet handle severally to prevent the toilet from running. The water may at times run over the toilet overflow onto the floor. Further, you can visibly notice water trickling down the water bowl long after using and flushing the toilet. The toilet can run even without using the water handle.


Several tests can be done to diagnose at the problem, color the water in the bowl and monitor the water levels. Intermittently check the marking to determine the water level. This can be done in the morning and the evening to determine leaking over the night.

Fixing the toilet


Before fixing the problem, identify where the water is leaking from, this could be from the base, side or even the overflow. If the leak is dripping from the closet bolts, consider tightening the bolts which hold the toilet to the floor.


Check the water bowl spud washer; this could be another source of water leaking from your toilet. You can consider, buying a new spud washer and tighten the new spud washer to make sure the leak stops.


The other repairs that can be done to stop a leak is removing all the bolts, gaskets and wax the joint holes around these bolts, after cleaning the bolts tighten them to make sure that they fall back to their original position to contain the leak.


Further, you can consider replacing the tank reservoir and the bowl. Replacing the tank bowl should be done with a lot of care to prevent the bowl and the toilet from cracking when repairing.