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6 Essentials Tools for a Quick Leaky Pipe Repair

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The water pipes are necessary as they are the ones responsible for transporting water and also waste water. If there is a leak in pipes, it would be better to look and do some temporary fixes. This is to avoid making the problem even worse. The important thing is that you must need to know how the system works, what the problem is, what is an appropriate solution to the problem and the tools necessary for the repair. It is a great idea if you will fix the problem on your own as you can free yourself from costly repairs. However, you must equip yourself with the right things to do and the tools needed. Once you have done the repair in a wrong way, there will be a tendency that the problem might get worse leading you to a costly repair. Here are 6 essential tools that are necessary for getting rid of the leak in pipes.

  1. Pipe Clamps

A pipe clamp is also known as pipe bracket or a pipe clip which is commonly used for quick hose and pipe installations and also for a long term pipe leak repair. This tool is absolutely strong enough to maintain your broken pipes in place since they are basically used in submarine and air crafts’ engines and pipes.

  1. Repair Sleeves

A repair sleeve is made of two semi-circular metals that are tightened together through a screw. This is used by wrapping it around the gasket wrapped leaky pipe. Then, tighten the screw so it can exactly fit in your pipe. The diameter of the repair sleeves and the leaky pipe must be of the same size to ensure its security.

  1. Epoxy Compounds

The epoxy compound is a facile and simple way to plug off the leak in your pipe. It is basically used by simply kneading two components together then patch it on the hole. Wait for it until the putty cures it to its curing time. See if the leak has been perfectly concealed. Reapply epoxy compound if necessary.

  1. Pipe Wraps  

Pipe wraps are used to provide leak avoidance, structural reinforcement and prevention from the exterior corrosion. This tool will be wrapped around your industrial or commercial pipes so you can get rid of the leak in the pipe before hiring a plumber. However, this is just a temporary cure.

  1. Rubber Pipe Connectors

Rubber pipe connectors are tubes that have flange edge that contain bolt holes that are necessary to accommodate steel flanges. Helical wire reinforcement may not be necessary for furnishing them. You can use these pipe connectors so you can avoid foul smell and water spillage in your home.

  1. Graphite Pencil

The graphite pencil is necessary for fixing the pipe pinhole in a short period of time. Just simply put a sharpened pencil into the hole and break it off to make sure that the solid pigment tip remains in the hole. Afterwards, wrap the pipe with the use of a duct tape or an electrical tape. This is necessary to avoid the graphite tip from popping out. Do this until the professional plumber that you hired arrives.