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5 Primary Types of Toilet Flush Valves

toilet flush valves

There are many essential components of a toilet to make it operational. One of this is the flush valve which makes flushing possible. Without this component, you wouldn’t be able to send your wastes down the septic tank. With that being said, it is apparent that this is a very relevant component of a toilet ever conceived. But when there are many types of toilet, it is never surprising to have a different kind of flush valves to accompany their corresponding toilet type. The different type of flush valve does not only differ in shape, colour and design, it will also vary in the amount of water they release when you flush your toilet. Here are the following varieties of flush valves available in many local stores and leading plumbing markets nationwide.


Standard flush valve

The standard flush valve is the most widely used kind of flush valve. This is the fundamental flush valve, a 2’ valve and a flapper that heaves when you try to shove the toilet handle. This kind of flush valve is suitable for larger tanks and even for low flow flush toilets and for toilets with 2’ opening.

A component, even how durable and strong, would still encounter troubles and sometimes, would demand immediate repair. When this component needs to be changed due to failures of operation, you do not have to worry because this is definitely just a piece of cake and you can even before this by yourself. And when you experience running toilet at home, you would definitely need to change your flapper, and when that does not solve the problem, you might need to change your flush valve too.


4-inch flush valve

As of this moment, this type of flush valve is yet the biggest of all the flush valve types available and sold in the plumbing market. The 4’ flush valve is composed of a piston that raises up and allows some amount of water to escape and that water would be flushed down the toilet at 360 degrees. This type of valve is very advantageous because it has a substantial power to flush the wastes down the toilet but this would only use a nominal water amount, helping you save water. And because it can send water in 360 degrees, it is definite that it can send water down in a faster manner.


Tower style flush valve

This flush valve, unlike the other form of flush valves, it has three openings on the surface of the tank where the water flows when sent to the toilet bowl. This flush valve’s primary aim is to send water to the toilet bowl in 360 degrees, that is why it is certain that this type of flush valve would create a faster and quicker flush that other types of valves available in the market.


Dual flush valve

The primary feature of this flush valve that makes this unique compared to other types of valve is its capability to give you an alternative whether to do a full flush of a half flush by using only a single valve. You might be wondering how this one is made possible. Simple, you would only have to push the valve up when you want a half flush. In that way, the tank will only release half water but when you pull the valve down, that means you have chosen a full flush.

Some models of a dual flush valve have buttons instead of handles while some of its models are specifically designed to turn a typical toilet into a water conserving amenity. This will help you conserve beneficial water than flushing so much beneficial water on your toilet bowl.


3-inch flush valve

The size of the flush valve you have at home is directly proportional to its seed in flushing water into your toilet bowl. The bigger the flush valve you have, the quicker and faster it is in flushing. The difference of a 2’ and a 3’ flush valve is the amount of water they utilise when flushing. The former flushes lesser amount of water compared to the latter. This component is easy to replace when damaged making it very suitable for homeowners with less knowledge about plumbing amenities.