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4 Steps Used To Repair Leaky Taps

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Apparently, nobody is happy when there is a leaking tap in the household. This is because it means that there has been a huge amount of water wasted overnight. With this, it only indicates that your next bill will be higher compared to the last one. That’s why the problem must not be overlooked or ignored. This issues can be such a nuisance, however, homeowners should not fret since it’s one of the plumbing emergencies that’s easy to solve. You don’t need a plumber for this. What you need are a wrench and a screwdriver and you’re now ready to begin the repair operation.

Here are the 4 easy steps to fix a leaky tap:

Step 1. Turn off the water supply

Before you begin in repairing the problem, you first have to shut down the water supply at the isolation valve or stopcocks. Typically, a household has at least two stopcock, one inside and the other one is outside. When repairing a leaky tap, it’s best to just turn off only the stopcock. Inside stopcock is typically located under the kitchen sink but for other cases, it could be elsewhere. It could be under a cupboard or located in another room. After doing this, let the tap run for a minute to drain the pipe.

Step 2. Remove the tap handle

In removing the tap handle from its body, you’ll need a wrench to do this. Then, unscrew the large nut around the barrel of the tap’s handle. In removing the handle, you’ll see that there’s a washer attached at the bottom which holds in place by a flange or a small nut. As a plumbing tip, it’s best to keep all of the components in one area so that it can be put back together easily. To be certain, you can put all the components in order which they were disassembled.

Step 3. Replace the tap washer

Most of the time, the reason behind leaky tap is due to a faulty washer. If you think that the washer is damaged, remove the old washer. However, be careful in removing it as it could break into smaller pieces depending on the extent of the damage. Afterward, replace the washer with a new one that has the same shape and size of the old damaged washer.

Step 4. Put back all the components together

After installing the brand-new washer, you can now put back the handle in the main body of the tap. Keep in mind that all of the components must be tightened when you put it all back together. Afterward, you can turn on the water supply. However, before doing this, don’t forget to put the tap in its off position.

As you can see, the steps mentioned are easy to do. However, it can make things complicated if you don’t conform to it. Apparently, doing this will avert you from expensive repair service. Now, you don’t have to worry about leaky taps that can impact your water consumption and bill.