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4 Common Plumbing Mistakes

flushing-itemsApparently, it is only common for us to have various plumbing practices in our own households. Most of the time, this kind of practices could also be related to a “life hack” – making everything much easier and faster. However, you must know that there are some practices that bring only damage and deterioration to our plumbing system and not comfort and convenience. Thus, these practices should be corrected immediately so you wouldn’t be facing a damaged system and spend your money on repair services

  1. Treating Garbage Disposal Unit Similar To A Trash Bin

As a homeowner, we should always be mindful of what goes down to our drains. Now, you also have to know that there are certain things that should reach your disposal garbage. Here are the following:

Oil and Grease – since they are in liquid form, people deem that it would be alright for these two to be dispose of in the garbage disposal unit. On the other hand, what most people probably don’t know is that these two will obstruct the flow of water once they get there.

Egg Shells – the membrane in the shell will cover around the blades which it to be inefficient.

Rice and Pasta – when they make contact with water, these two expand and will block the drain similar to oil and grease.

2. Flushing Items Down The Toilet

If for instance, hygienic items are flushed down our toilet, it will surely block the passage of the waste and averting it from reach down the septic tank. On the other hand, once this situation has already happened, all you want to do is to redo everything and get rid of the item. However, plunger couldn’t help you solve this predicament. Since the plunger, when used, pushes the items down the waste line that could only cause more clog issues and it would be more difficult for you to remove this item. That’s why as a solution, you can use an auger snake that reaches and pull the items out of the toilet. Always remember that only human waste and toilet papers are allowed to be flush down.

3. Too Much Weight On Plumbing Fixtures

Apparently, either its for aesthetic purposes or not, people should avoid putting so much weight on their plumbing fixtures. For instance, most of us try to put racks on the shower. This isn’t a wise move at all. If there is an excessive weight on it, it will damage the rack, the shower head and the taps that are utilized as a footrest.

4. Not Removing The Disposal Plug

This is a common mistake homeowner make . When putting a disposal plug, it’s too easy that you won’t be needing the help of a licensed plumber. On the other hand, the situation changes when the plug is connected to the dishwasher. If you have this kind of plug, a knock-out plug should be taken out first for it might be blocking the hole where the hose of the dishwasher is connected. Aside from blockage, this situation could also create water leak problems.