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Plumber WilloughbyWilloughby is located on the lower North Shore of Sydney and is 8 kilometres from the Sydney CBD. The first Post Office was built in the area in 1871 and the construction of a quaint sandstone cottage known as “Pommy Lodge” located in Penshurst Street. Another local landmark is the mast of Australia's first television transmitter, TCN-9’s mast rises 233 metres high feet from the site of a former dairy.

As Willoughby is an established suburb with houses built prior to the 1970’s home owners should be aware that they may experience plumbing issues in their homes due to the age and expected lifespan of the pipework installed. Many homes were built with galvanised pipes which have an expected life of fifty years. If you have noticed a drop in water pressure it could be the galvanised pipes breaking down, corroding from the inside.

If you suspect a drop in pressure or your water supply is discoloured call Plumber Willoughby and we can inspect the pipes for you. We can also use a sewer camera to inspect slow running sewer detecting any faults before the line blocks completely. There are many options available to repair sewer lines including pipe relining that eliminates the need to dig up and replace the line.

Local Willoughby plumbing professionals who you can count on for the right advice and service second to none. We can do more than taps and toilets;

We can repairs and replace dripping, faulty or out-date tapware
All leaking water pipes repaired or replaced as required
Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run
Leaking cisterns, running toilets, cracked bowls, repaired or replaced
Ecologically friendly rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced
Variety of gas services such as repairs to existing lines, installation of new lines and LPG conversions
Hot Water System repaired, replaced as well as Solar Hot Water installations

As a special thank you for using our services, we are offering a genuine $25 discount to all customers who book a job online through Plumber Willoughby.

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Experts in blocked drains of all types from your kitchen sink to your storm water


Technicians who are polite and are fully trained plumbers

We value Integrity

Guaranteed price for all of your plumbing needs before we lift a spanner

100% Quality Service

We fully guarantee all of our work

24hr Emergency Service

Plumbers available when you need us in an emergency

Cost Effective Services

Discounts offered for multiple jobs saving you time and money

Equipped and on-time

Experts in blocked drains

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“Very helpful, well presented, knowledgeable. Happy!”

“Very helpful, well presented, knowledgeable. Happy!” -Vicki

“Plumbing needs have been very efficiently carried out and technician very courteous and a good plumber –”

“Plumbing needs have been very efficiently carried out and technician very courteous and a good plumber –” -V

“Very nice guys and very professional. Thank you”

“Very nice guys and very professional. Thank you” -Janis

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Susan had just gotten off the phone to her husband when she heard water running. Neither of her children were home, so nobody was here to turn any taps on. Gripping the phone with her imagination on overdrive, Susan tracked down the source. It wasn’t in the kitchen or the main bathroom. It seemed to be louder near the laundry. Taking a deep breath, Susan stepped through the door and was both relieved and panicked by what she saw. While, thankfully, a stranger hadn’t forced their way into her home to have a drink of water, there was instead a waterfall pouring from her laundry tub spout. Sighing, Susan rang her local, trusted plumber. Fortunately he was able to squeeze her in before his next job. While she waited, Susan raced out the front to turn the water meter off. The room was already close to flooded. She didn’t need an indoor swimming pool! As usual, her local Willoughby plumber was helpful and courteous. He ran her through both the issue and solution. While she didn’t fully understand the technical aspect of it, she appreciated that he took the time and effort to explain it. Even better, he had a spare spout on his truck. The problem was fixed in next to no time, all thanks to a service Susan knew she could rely on in her time of need. He even helped sop up some of the water! If you’re local to Willoughby, and would love to experience the same kind of fantastic service, call today on 0402 290 290.